IRL #1

Interesting story about a man in distress.



An unfortunate death in my family inspired me to write this. A lot of people loved and respected my grandpa. He was the only doctor in the village he grew up in and to date still refer to him as “Doctor sahib”.
This isn’t just an ode to a good man it’s also a way to express how important it is to indulge in every bit of your life because you never know what might happen tomorrow.


Feeding blue to a world I explored, “Will it always be like this? Hmm…”, I implored. Watching the dew drops dwindle down a dusty doomsday, I stared at the mirror above, “What would mom say?” The fiery breeze, cremated the corpses; The hum of the billions persist, just like mosses. A lonely soul grazing the sole […]

Hollow-Hell Forest

“Ugh!”, Ted exclaims as he drives to his grandfather’s 135-year-old log cabin, through the dark, shady woods at night, during a storm. It’s on these type of nights, one understands why this place is called the Hollow-hell forest. It looks calm yet deadly as if it could devour you whole in one swoop. Thunder booms and […]

And so it begins…

Going to sleep a peaceful man, the world around him changes, ever adapting to the vigorous environments of life. As he opens his eyes to a gloomy day, wondering what he had dreamt of in his sleep, his right ear senses a burst of noise as his phone rings furiously, breaking his post-slumber routines. As he reached […]